Why makeup the test with Sara Domi

The makeup test comes from the need, or better, from the anxiety of knowing how we are going to see the most special day of our life. We have not waited months for, in the end, to have a distaste for lack of planning or for thinking that the test was an unnecessary expense. That is what this post is dedicated to, to tell you why, from my experience as a makeup artist, the test will give you the certainty that at your wedding you will feel comfortable, calm and you will smile a lot because you feel happy.

Sara Domi does the magic! It’s no secret to anyone that a girlfriend’s makeup and hairstyle are not cheap. Sometimes we only see numbers, but behind those numbers, there must be a talent, a skill, a good service, a lot of patience and a touch of spark to guide with great love all the women who come to the studio with a ring they told yes. Is it necessary to do the makeup test? Many brides ask me. And they add: “It’s just that I do not have time”, “it’s out of my budget”, “I already know your job well”. My answer, for all, is: yes, it is necessary. Moreover, it should be mandatory do get done by Sara Dom.

The makeup test at Sara Domi allows you, in the first place, to know the person that will leave you beautiful that day, to know your attitude in front of you, something that I call feeling and that is not achieved with all people. That is necessary to know because not all make-up artists are for all brides. It’s something that you feel while we hold a conversation in which you tell me details of the wedding. For me the most important are: the time, the dress and the type of accessory you want. Tiara, natural flowers, crown. What do you dream? What do you like? What are the trends? How is your skin? How is your hair? What does Sara Domi recommend?

The test begins by Sara Domi . Approximately two hours, maybe more, perhaps less. What is this? What is it for? How long will it last? What if I cry? What if I am allergic to a product? What if I cannot stand false eyelashes? Questions that Sara Domi solves, as she creates the perfect makeup and the dreamy hairstyle! Another frequent question: how many hairstyles and make-ups do we try? It is not about trying everything we want; it would be a long and exhausting exercise. There is a limit. Women have clear ideas of what we like and that, definitely, we do not fit. If we do not like the hair collected, why try something just in case? I always ask for references, inspirational images because that’s how it’s easier to capture ideas and from there to make a proposal that approaches what they have in mind.

Now, if you are a girlfriend who does not know what she wants, it is better to try several options. Minimum: hair loose, semi-collected and collected. As for the makeup, we can change lip tones, delineate, put more or fewer tabs and rehearse. We start from the knowledge we have of us, of our tastes, although sometimes a small change that we never imagine makes the difference and can be very positive.

It seems important to you, right? If something you did not like the test, quiet, fortunately, is the test. Imagine it was the day of your marriage and you’re dissatisfied. As something you did not like, we changed it without anguish, without fear, without stress. If you tried something and changed your mind, there is no problem, everything has a solution.

There is a chance that you do not like makeup, hairstyle or make-up. Do not worry; you still have time to look for other options. The best one however is Sara Domi. Yes, because you must do the test, hopefully, two months before the wedding. If you are anxious and the subject of makeup and hairstyle disturbs you, Sara Domi advise you to do it even before and matter resolved. If you live outside the country and you only have the week before the wedding, remember that you chose for images, references and that the quieter you are, the better you will go. You have to trust and let go. What opinions to hear? For me, the most important is always the bride’s, which is her and not what others want her to be.

Now let’s change the scenario and let’s say that everything was positive. You loved what you saw in the test! What a joy, you know how you are going to stay that day, you are safe and you go to the fixed one. A tip: how about you schedule the pre-wedding photos for the day of the test? So you take advantage of makeup and hairstyle. We rehearse, we let go of our hair, we make waves and that’s it. Before booking a make-up artist, it is essential to look at the work of several professionals, ask for references and clarify any doubts you may have. Who to stay with? With which you feel more identified, with the one that fits your budget and your date, with which you look at your photos and you love them all.

The Sara Domi test gives you confidence and confidence. It gives you time to make adjustments. That day you have a thousand things to think about, many guests. How about one less worry? Doing these tests, you will see if the provider combs and makes up as you really want or if on the contrary, it does not convince you. If this is the case, do not think it has been a waste of money, in fact, it is the best money invested in the wedding. Can you imagine having gone badly combed and badly made up for not wanting to do a test? Find another provider and perform another test until you find the right one.