What is Essiac?

The Essiac is a tisane that does not contain any type of tea and is composed of 4 medicinal plants that have been traditionally used in Canada by the native Ojibwa Indians to detoxify the organism and regain health. It is a fact that the main scourge of modern Western civilization is the weakness of the immune system. The overexposure of the organism to chemical pollutants, an intoxicating nutritional scheme, high doses of stress and the indiscriminate use of drugs, complete a picture where the miraculous thing is that even the human being can survive. Therefore, it is not surprising the proliferation of degenerative conditions, which affect almost all of society and that force us to question our supposed “better quality of life”.

From chronic fatigue syndrome or the rarely diagnosed hypoglycemia, passing hypothyroidism, diabetes, ulcers or arteriosclerosis, and reaching AIDS, cancer, leukemia, lupus, multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s; they are all indicators of the collapse of our natural organic system of defenses. That is why everything that helps to recover the vitality of our wonderful immunology is necessary.

Thus we make room for this ancient herbal preparation of the Canadian natives, which for simple, effective, innocuous and economic, has suffered equal or greater campaigns of discredit by those who profit from human health. We do not say that this tonic cures diseases; it is simply a natural herbal supplement to enhance the immune system, detoxify the organism and restore its energy levels (its vast virtues in relation to cancer will be seen in depth in other content).

ESSIAC FOR DIABETES: People use it for a multitude of health conditions, especially cancer. However, another common use of Essiac is in the treatment of diabetes. The discovery of the relationship between diabetes and Essiac occurred when one of Rene Caisse’s patients with colon cancer and concomitant diabetes not only saw the remission of his cancer with Essiac but also that his diabetes had disappeared.

Elimination of toxins: Many advocates of Essiac believe that the detoxifying properties of Essiac are one of the main physiological mechanisms that make it useful in diabetes. With type II diabetes (more present in adults over 40 years of age and with an unhealthy lifestyle), in particular, the pancreas loses its function due to exposure to toxins from poor diet, environmental pollutants and attacks of microbial pathogens. The regular use of tisane cleans the toxins from the body by neutralizing them and allowing other body organs (such as the liver, kidneys, skin) to eliminate them.

This allows the pancreas to regain its function and return to normal levels of insulin production. The Herbal Tonic is used from the preventive and detoxifying, to metastasis of tumor patients. Of course it is not “magical”, but it is a great trigger for organic rebalancing. Therefore we must support its action from the nutritional and above all through the purification of our body in its various aspects.

Main benefits of the Essiac formulas:

– Powerful antioxidant.

– Regenerates and strengthens all types of tissues.

– Strengthens the immune system.

– Detoxifies the body through blood and lymph, cleansing the glands, liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

– Increase the level of energy and good humor.

– Help in the health problems of the following types: tumor, degenerative, chronic and mild.

– Eliminates fats, parasites, toxins and heavy metals from the body.

– Decongest.

– Attenuates the sequelae produced by radiation such as chemo or radiotherapy. There is no problem taking it while you are being treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, it is even recommended, so that the body is strengthened and better treatments. We have proven on numerous occasions that if you are already receiving chemotherapy, side effects such as hair loss or nausea stop almost immediately when you start taking Essiac.

– Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar.

– Anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

– It can increase the appetite when there are cases of nutrition and inadequate feeding.

– It is diuretic and laxative.

– Increases the production of red cells and prevents them from ruptures (anemia).

– Increases the body’s ability to use oxygen by increasing the oxygen level of the cell tissue (antioxidant, rejuvenation).

– Maintains and regulates the balance between potassium and sodium in the body, nourishes and cleanses the cells (mental clarity, concentration, intelligence).

– Converts the poisonous crystalline substances of calcium and potassium into harmless substances making them soluble in the urine. Regulates the amount of oxalic acid distributed to the kidneys, this reduces the risk of stones forming in the bladder, urinary tract, and kidneys (nephritic colic).

– Protects against incoming toxins in the brain (stun, heaviness).

– It protects the body from X-ray radiation.

– It calms pain, increases appetite and provides more energy and a sense of well-being (itis and pain, cancer).

– Inhibits and destroys benign cysts and tumors (cancer).

Secondary Effects and Recommendations:

Laxation: If we start taking the Essiac and go to the toilet a little more than normal, that is, about 4 or 5 times, it is a common symptom that the body is purifying correctly. This is normal during the 1st and/or 2nd week, then normalizes. If we feel that we lax too much, about 8 or 10 times because we were already regular to go to the bathroom, it will be necessary to reduce the intakes. Consult with our advisor for more information.

Micturition more than usual: A person urinates about a liter and a half per day, and it is normal to go between 5 and 8 times to the bathroom. If you drink a lot of water, the number may increase. We must keep in mind that Essiac is a diuretic and we will probably pipi more than normal, after the treatment it is normalized again.

Unusual sweating: The purifying action of Essiac, contributes to the elimination of excess fluids and toxins present in our body, by activating the sweat glands. Therefore, do not worry if you notice that you sweat more than usual because it is a sign that your body is detoxifying correctly. Keep helping him drink a lot of water during the treatment and thus eliminate toxins more easily.