Features of induction burner

Induction burner has experienced a surge in popularity the world over. More and more people are embracing them at the expense of gas and electric burners. As a result of this, a variety of models have flooded the market. These models are results of innovation leading to variations of the original induction burner models. There are lots of companies, who are making this.

Advantages of this innovation are better features and enhanced capabilities thus improving the end users cooking experience. Currently, some of the types of induction burners in the market include:

Single Element Induction Cooktop

This consist of only one cooking zone where cookware is placed. They cannot be used for preparation of two or more dishes simultaneously and usually have a maximum power rating of of 1800W and operate at electricity supply of 120Volts. They are relatively less costly when compared to the other types and are made of lightweight, compact glass or ceramic materiel making them highly portable. This type of portable induction burner is more popular with students, people with limited kitchen space and those looking to get a feel of the induction burner feel before making a purchase for a bigger induction burner. This is extremely useful since most burns from gas cooktops have been reported to occur several minutes after the cooktop has been switched off as a result of delays in cooling off. Important to note, however, is that users need to be careful not to come into contact with the cooking themselves as these are normally red hot and may cause serious burns. Safety is always very a very important thing for everyone. You want a induction burner, which does the job and also keeps you safe at all times. You will not mind paying more for that.

Multi Element Induction Cooktop

These contain multiple cooking zones of different sizes in which a number of different cookware are placed for simultaneous cooking. People seeking to purchase Multi Element Induction Cooktop mostly are seeking to completely replace their conventional thermal cooktops permanently. They are more expensive than Single Element Induction Cooktop and may not be within reach of most people financially. Most Multi Element Induction Cooktop have power ratings of 3600 watts and require electricity supply of 220 volts in order to operate. Even though price is high but the quality is very good and that is the best part about it.

Built-in Induction Cooktop Units

These are mainly multi element built-in cooking zones of different dimensions factored on cooking zones. They are generally placed or set into cut-outs customized as per their size in countertops. Installing them to look like part of the countertop results in a good outlay of the burner, that is in complete tandem with the kitchen layout. Installation requires professional installers. Some vendors charge an extra fee for installation and also offer maintenance services. Cleaning of Built-in induction burner Units poses a great challenge and needs to be done regularly and thoroughly.

Freestanding Countertop Induction Units

These are stand alone multi-element induction burners that do not require countertops. That are ideal for outdoor cooking but are also popular with kitchens whose layouts are bound to change frequently since they offer freedom to move around without needing professional installation. They come in different power settings ranging from 1800 watts to 3600 watts and are extremely popular with people living in rented apartments and who are likely to move houses. This is not to say that they are portable. Quite the opposite as they can be quite bulky. You should carry it and see before buying it. Once you do that then things will be clear. You will know whether you should be buying them or not.

Commercial Induction Unit

These are large induction burner meant for cooking larger quantities and handling more cooking vessels all at once. Moreover, they are specifically meant for preparing larger quantities simultaneously and designed to do so in the shortest time possible. They are extremely bulky and cost quite. They have the highest power ratings and run on higher electricity voltage than the average multi-element induction burner.

So select the induction burner based on your needs and also it should be pocket friendly for you. Keep that in mind.