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Standard with bar

Both the vertical and the horizontal systems will be used, taking into account that we will have to put more pressure on the glass since when the accessories are inserted in the bar, the pressure on the same is reduced. So that the horizontal system is not slow, since in each pass we will have to lower the bar to dry the rubber lip, we can make movements in the form of an inverted “L”, to take advantage of the downward movement.

Once the cleaning of the glass is finished, we will have to revise it visually and locate (in the case that there are) imperfections in its finish, these imperfections will be corrected by the review with a dry cloth or chamois. The bathroom cleaning is essential in our home because it is one of the areas, along with the kitchen, where more germs and bacteria can accumulate. Being a wet area should be ventilated as much as possible, thus avoid the generation of these germs.


One of the elements that abound most in the bathrooms are the white enamel toilets. This material is very practical to clean and, being a very porous surface, we can maintain it easily, without great efforts. However, over the years, that enamel may start to yellow and it is hard to return the original white. To clean it you can use a mixture of salt and turpentine, applying it with a sponge or cloth gently. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse with hot water and soap, then with cold water.

When the toilet is yellowing in its deep part, you can pour the contents of a can of cola (or two if the dirt is very marked) and leave for several hours, and even overnight. Then rinse with water, using the brush to descale the dirt. To remove the remains of lime adhering to the toilet bowl, do the same operation but instead of using a cola drink, use white vinegar. The results are amazing and it is an easy, fast and cheap way of cleaning.

Lime can also affect the faucets and the shower head. For cleaning, you can use a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Dip the artichoke in this mixture, let it act for a while and then rinse with plenty of water. You can do the same with the taps by unscrewing the end filter and applying the same treatment. The hot water is usually enough to remove soap residue from any surface. In the case of the bath or shower, avoid using abrasive products and bleach, as you will spoil the enamel. Use mild cleansers on a regular basis and you will not have to use other types of stronger products.


You should always clean the frame of the mirrors first, to avoid splashes from staining the glass when you clean it. To clean the glass a mixture of water and vinegar can be effective, but you can also spray a mixture of one litre of water, a cup of alcohol and another of ammonia. Try rubbing the mirror with a rag that does not release lint, although the best thing in this regard is newspaper or kitchen paper.

Tiles and tiles

The hot water and the vinegar are again good allies for cleaning the tiles and tiles in the bathroom. Rub with that mixture and then rinse with water and let it dry. Another option is to use ammonia, which also gives good results, or rub with a piece of lemon directly on the surface, leave to act and then rinse with water and dry. Tub and sink joints can become mouldy due to excess moisture in the bathroom. If we clean frequently applying with a brush a mixture of hot water with bleach in equal parts, we will keep the mould at bay. The mixture of water and vinegar can also be effective.

Safety: Always follow the instructions for use indicated by the manufacturer of cleaning products. Take precautions to avoid accidents such as the use of gloves. Avoid splashes on the skin. If you do not want to do it, in Maintenance Giner and Mira we can help you. We are leaders in maintenance and cleaning. Contact us or click here and we will find the most suitable solution for you. Have you found these tips interesting? We await your comments and if you want you can share it on your social networks so your friends can also enjoy these tips.

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Frosted Crystals by Connect Cleaners:

For those crystals whose surface is not smooth to the touch but they present a rough touch, we will not use the rubber lip since not adhering completely to the glass would leave it fogged. This type of glass is convenient to clean by hand and with non-soapy products, we can use a wet microfiber cloth to finish with a dry one. As these crystals are not translucent, they are easier to clean since imperfections are not seen in the same way as in translucent ones.

Connect Cleaners have tried theoretically to explain the cleaning system of the Professional Glaziers, and we have also tried to substitute some of the professional tools for utensils that we normally have at home. Tell them that practice makes the teacher; even the first few times you are not perfect but based on practice you can match the result to a professional. So if you are looking for an amazing service the best deal is to look for Connect Cleaners.