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Snapchat took the ladder of success and nailed it

Success of anything is not something achieved overnight. One has to have unique idea that no one has ever done before and a belief to stick to it no matter what. This is what Snapchat did and now we can witness where it is.

Snapchat was launched in 2011 and created curiosity among people with its unique features which were never seen before. Chatting through snap, the snaps disappear after few hours, the snaps from chat disappear max after 10 seconds. It took time for people to get their hands on it. And once they got hooked to it, now there is no coming back. Plus Snapchat numbers meaning is the score that you get upon the frequent usage of their several features.

Why Snapchat became a hit?

Ever wondered despite having Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media apps to share pictures and stuff, why Snapchat became the hit? The answer is the disappearance of the content within some time. Yes! People are reluctant or you can say hesitant to share something for people to judge and something that would stay there forever or a long period of time.

Snapchat gave this ease to people to share their stuff and life happenings on daily basis. It gave them the chance to live in the present and share the present moment with the friends and world. Plus it gave the account holder the full view of who has viewed there snap and even notifies if someone took the screenshot.

Within few years Snapchat became a big thing. Bigger than Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The daily updated filters, 3D filters, GeoFilters and Info Filters all of them just became the part of people’s life and its craze is all over. People prefer chatting over Snapchat and share stuff on it because they know it is not going to stay there forever so why not share new stuff every day, because who has got time to again look back to old stuff.

Snapchat upgraded with time. It offered many channels to subscribe and option of live channels to enjoy and witness any ongoing event live through your cell phones. It offered and option of adding URLs in the snap which gave it a hit from the business and promotional point of view.

Snapchat is more of a hit for celebrities. As it bridge the gap between the fans and celebrities. The fans gets the chance to have closer to look into their favorite celebrities’ lifestyle, which is great. They stay updated about the happenings.

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Other Social Media Apps Stories

By the explosive growth of the Snapchat, all other popular social media apps felt the danger and tried doing something which they thought would be a smart move to put down the snapchat. WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook launched the feature of stories just like snapchat that disappears within 24 hours. They thought that that was the only thing that their user might felt missing so that may complete their user’s requirements; so their app would be preferred over Snapchat. But they were so wrong. Only stories was not what the users were hooked to but all other features that made Snapchat different from other apps.

Presently all social media apps have the story sharing features but still nothing has been able to lesser the popularity of Snapchat. It remains on the top because of its many unique features, especially the interesting and fun filters.