What is Essiac?

The Essiac is a tisane that does not contain any type of tea and is composed of 4 medicinal plants that have been traditionally used in Canada by the native Ojibwa Indians to detoxify the organism and regain health. It is a fact that the main scourge of modern Western civilization is the weakness of the immune system. The overexposure of the organism to chemical pollutants, an intoxicating nutritional scheme, high doses of stress and the indiscriminate use of drugs, complete a picture where the miraculous thing is that even the human being can survive. Therefore, it is not surprising the proliferation of degenerative conditions, which affect almost all of society and that force us to question our supposed “better quality of life”.

From chronic fatigue syndrome or the rarely diagnosed hypoglycemia, passing hypothyroidism, diabetes, ulcers or arteriosclerosis, and reaching AIDS, cancer, leukemia, lupus, multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s; they are all indicators of the collapse of our natural organic system of defenses. That is why everything that helps to recover the vitality of our wonderful immunology is necessary.

Thus we make room for this ancient herbal preparation of the Canadian natives, which for simple, effective, innocuous and economic, has suffered equal or greater campaigns of discredit by those who profit from human health. We do not say that this tonic cures diseases; it is simply a natural herbal supplement to enhance the immune system, detoxify the organism and restore its energy levels (its vast virtues in relation to cancer will be seen in depth in other content).

ESSIAC FOR DIABETES: People use it for a multitude of health conditions, especially cancer. However, another common use of Essiac is in the treatment of diabetes. The discovery of the relationship between diabetes and Essiac occurred when one of Rene Caisse’s patients with colon cancer and concomitant diabetes not only saw the remission of his cancer with Essiac but also that his diabetes had disappeared.

Elimination of toxins: Many advocates of Essiac believe that the detoxifying properties of Essiac are one of the main physiological mechanisms that make it useful in diabetes. With type II diabetes (more present in adults over 40 years of age and with an unhealthy lifestyle), in particular, the pancreas loses its function due to exposure to toxins from poor diet, environmental pollutants and attacks of microbial pathogens. The regular use of tisane cleans the toxins from the body by neutralizing them and allowing other body organs (such as the liver, kidneys, skin) to eliminate them.

This allows the pancreas to regain its function and return to normal levels of insulin production. The Herbal Tonic is used from the preventive and detoxifying, to metastasis of tumor patients. Of course it is not “magical”, but it is a great trigger for organic rebalancing. Therefore we must support its action from the nutritional and above all through the purification of our body in its various aspects.

Main benefits of the Essiac formulas:

– Powerful antioxidant.

– Regenerates and strengthens all types of tissues.

– Strengthens the immune system.

– Detoxifies the body through blood and lymph, cleansing the glands, liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

– Increase the level of energy and good humor.

– Help in the health problems of the following types: tumor, degenerative, chronic and mild.

– Eliminates fats, parasites, toxins and heavy metals from the body.

– Decongest.

– Attenuates the sequelae produced by radiation such as chemo or radiotherapy. There is no problem taking it while you are being treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, it is even recommended, so that the body is strengthened and better treatments. We have proven on numerous occasions that if you are already receiving chemotherapy, side effects such as hair loss or nausea stop almost immediately when you start taking Essiac.

– Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar.

– Anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

– It can increase the appetite when there are cases of nutrition and inadequate feeding.

– It is diuretic and laxative.

– Increases the production of red cells and prevents them from ruptures (anemia).

– Increases the body’s ability to use oxygen by increasing the oxygen level of the cell tissue (antioxidant, rejuvenation).

– Maintains and regulates the balance between potassium and sodium in the body, nourishes and cleanses the cells (mental clarity, concentration, intelligence).

– Converts the poisonous crystalline substances of calcium and potassium into harmless substances making them soluble in the urine. Regulates the amount of oxalic acid distributed to the kidneys, this reduces the risk of stones forming in the bladder, urinary tract, and kidneys (nephritic colic).

– Protects against incoming toxins in the brain (stun, heaviness).

– It protects the body from X-ray radiation.

– It calms pain, increases appetite and provides more energy and a sense of well-being (itis and pain, cancer).

– Inhibits and destroys benign cysts and tumors (cancer).

Secondary Effects and Recommendations:

Laxation: If we start taking the Essiac and go to the toilet a little more than normal, that is, about 4 or 5 times, it is a common symptom that the body is purifying correctly. This is normal during the 1st and/or 2nd week, then normalizes. If we feel that we lax too much, about 8 or 10 times because we were already regular to go to the bathroom, it will be necessary to reduce the intakes. Consult with our advisor for more information.

Micturition more than usual: A person urinates about a liter and a half per day, and it is normal to go between 5 and 8 times to the bathroom. If you drink a lot of water, the number may increase. We must keep in mind that Essiac is a diuretic and we will probably pipi more than normal, after the treatment it is normalized again.

Unusual sweating: The purifying action of Essiac, contributes to the elimination of excess fluids and toxins present in our body, by activating the sweat glands. Therefore, do not worry if you notice that you sweat more than usual because it is a sign that your body is detoxifying correctly. Keep helping him drink a lot of water during the treatment and thus eliminate toxins more easily.

Penrith & Campbelltown pest control

The Pest Control involves all activities relating or dedicated to regulate, control and eliminates those species that are understood as “pests” because they can affect harmful to the health of humans manner. Happily we are renowned as the Penrith & Campbelltown pest control in Sydney. Or that can also affect in other cases the ecology or alter the environment of a place. Within the services of pest control are from disinfection tasks to the control of urban pests done at the Penrith & Campbelltown pest control in Sydney, always trying to make the minimum negative impact on the environment, as well as minimizing to zero the risks to the health of people.

A large number of studies and techniques are used to detect, monitor, control, and in case it is necessary to eliminate the pests, as well as to maintain spaces that have been treated correctly. From companies to individuals, the services involved in the control of pests, by analyzing each case and ensuring the safety of all people who may come into contact with the place that will be treated, will select and use the option or solution that best suited to the particular problem, whether it is a problem or plague with an insect (cockroaches or bed bugs, for example) or it is a plague of small rodents (rats or mice).

The methods performed by the Penrith & Campbelltown pest control in Sydney can be used when controlling the different populations or carrying out an extermination of pests present in a certain place are several:

Fumigation is one of the techniques that can be used to eliminate pests present in an infected area. Spraying or spraying with gas is one of the most traditional methods to eliminate pests. Among its advantages include its rapid effectiveness. In addition, many of the concentrates that can be found for sale can be used with this technique. Moreover, there is the spraying liquid. This technique, through products that have a low toxicity for humans and pets, will be used in difficult to access or delicate places.

Fumigation of cockroaches
The cockroaches are pests removable by spraying. It is the most widely used method for the elimination of this type of pests, which must be adapted to the area where the infection or plague is present, is possible to resort to traditional fumigation or fumigations in gels or liquids for the most delicate places.

Termite spraying
The termites can also be removed by using primers gases, although it is a technique that must present certain conditions to be applied in this type of pest (on a study indicate whether it indicated or is better to choose another option).It is carried out by sulfuric fluoride, aluminum or by methyl bromide, protecting the area to be treated with a plastic or canvas cover and must wait between 4 and 72 hours, depending on the area of application.

Fumigation of bed bugs
To fumigate the bedbugs you must have access to all areas that may be affected, eliminating and covering the points where they could hide, then move to spray the affected area with gas and achieve a professional end with this type of insect.

Fumigation of woodworm
Spraying can also be used to remove woodworm from wood. Through biocide products, fumigation is especially effective for the elimination of adult worms and is also a preventive treatment. By spraying, therefore, the action of these annoying insects can be avoided.

Deratization is that process in which, through varied and careful techniques, the aim is to prevent and control populations, whether using physical barriers, mechanical products or chemical elements of rodents (mice and rats). In addition if pest are found, the elimination of these rodents (mice and rats) from a specific area is effectively done by the Penrith & Campbelltown pest control in Sydney. The most common pests are those composed of the house mouse, the gray rat, the black rat and the Alexandrian rat.Among the most used procedures to control and eliminate the different populations of rodents are the monitoring of the most widespread species in the area where they will operate in order to obtain the necessary data to act later.

Treatments such as the use of fixed safety baits, strategically placed, the use of trap traps of the type adhesives or spring traps for more delicate places or deratization methods that use new technologies, such as traps with digital systems or cameras. In the first place, a preventive plan will be made to guarantee the effective control of these pests and if a pest already exists, it will proceed to its identification to select the derivatization method. For more information, visit our pest control page or this one where you can buy rat poison.

Disinsection is the process in which, through different techniques, it seeks the elimination of arthropods that can be harmful to human health. Above all, it is insects such as cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, wasps or bedbugs, although a plague of spiders can also be disinfected. These pests can be harmful to the health of the human being or to the environment, agriculture or livestock.

Disinsection of cockroaches
The disinsection of an area infested with cockroaches should be carried out when there is a population. Methods that can be adapted to the infected area, such as the use of products with low toxicity, fumigation or fumigation with gels, can be used.

Disinsection of termites
In case of having a plague of termites, these can be eliminated using insecticides that can be injected into soils, baits that will have terms or gels that will be applied directly in the area infected by insects.

Bed bug disinsection
As for the bed bugs, these insects can be eliminated, after the correct analysis of the pest, using for the chemical methods, non-chemical methods, physical methods, or novel techniques such as the use of heat or the use of vapors.

Disinsection of woodworm
The wood that is infected by a plague of woodworm can be disinfected by curative methods such as injection by application of insecticide products in the wood, spraying or the application of gels by the Penrith & Campbelltown pest control in Sydney.

How to choose an SMS provider? How to choose an SMS provider?

Choosing an SMS provider is an important decision because the success of your campaign / processor implementation depends on it. But the thing is that how to make a good choice of SMS provider while having so many options? In this article, we will discuss the sms chat offer and how to select the best sms chat for you according to your project. In the theme of SMS, there are different routes, to know which one to use for your project consult the section, which SMS route is the one that suits me best?

Characteristics of an sms chat:

Type of sender for sms chat:

  • The prices of SMS routes vary according to the type of sender that appears to your customers. There are 4 types of senders:
  • National long number
  • Foreign long number
  • Short number


SMS chat long national sender appears with a 10-digit sender. The person who receives the message can have it registered on their agenda or not. If you have it registered in your agenda, it will appear as a message from your contact and, if not, as a 10-digit number. This type of sender is used a lot in a collection, in double-step verification, in the confirmation that a certain process has ended and in internet solutions of things among others.

SMS chat with foreign senders use foreign numbers to reach the recipient. This type of senders is used for the same as nationals, although they are not recommended because crossing international borders have a low percentage of completion. SMS with a short sender, comes with a number of 3 to 6 digits that can only be granted by carriers to campaigns previously validated with them, which gives greater certainty to users. They are used for banking transactions, operations that require certainty or security.

Finally, the masked sms chat is the one that instead of numbers brings the name of the company. It is used for brand presence and banal transactions among others. Its only disadvantage is that a masked SMS message cannot be answered, it is only 1 way.

  • Way SMS or 2-way SMS. There are services that only send the message and do not allow receiving answers; these services are called 1-way. There are others that allow you to receive answers; these are called 2-way. 1-way services are recommended for SMS campaigns that do not require responses. Examples: double step verification campaigns, process closure confirmation, etc. The 2-way campaigns are recommended if you want to interact with the customer via SMS. Example: marketing campaigns, collections, satisfaction surveys, promotions, order picking.
  • Conversational SMS A next stage to the SMS 2 way is the conversational SMS or sms chat. This service allows the company to converse with the client either through a chat with human agents, or a bot, or a combination of both. The agent chats with the client as if he were in a web chat, the client chat with the agent from his well-known SMS tray. For the client, the experience feels similar to WhatsApp messaging tools. Some platforms have advanced conversational SMS services such as canned responses for agents, multimedia handling through the sms chat channel and metrics of conversations attended by agents, service levels, etc.
  • Delivery speed: Transactional SMS. There are campaigns for which it is critical that the delivery of the message is made in seconds or milliseconds of having made the request. Examples of these services are anti-fraud alerts (when paying with a credit or debit card and an SMS is immediately received confirming the purchase) or OTP (one-time password) that serve to customers enter a service temporarily, or 2-way-verification services (verification of two steps) used to verify the identity of the user to verify that in addition to knowing the password, has access to the owner’s cell phone account. In all these cases it is essential that the SMS arrive in a few seconds of your request for the process to be completed successfully, these cases require the transactional SMS route.

SMS with multimedia: The SMS with multimedia is called MMS (multimedia message service). It works very well for 75% of telephones (not 100% as SMS) and allows to provide more information to the message such as graphics, audio, and video.

As in other projects related to the telco industry, it is very important to size the maximum SMS sending capacity that is required per hour or per minute, to choose the right provider. If the project is small (only hundreds or thousands of messages a day) it is very likely that any provider can take them forward. But if the project is hundreds of thousands or millions of messages per month, it is important to verify that the provider has the correct capacity to send these volumes, since choosing a limited provider damages the strategies in times or schedules.

SMS bot: Another tool that has become very popular since the beginning of 2017 is the “bots” or robots that can interpret text and react according to it. They are the equivalent of virtual assistants for the client. It is estimated that bot service replaces much of the attention via apps in the next 3 years.

SMS bot with artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence and deep learning are advancing by leaps and bounds, and now it is feasible to add Deep learning to conversational bots. These functionalities allow a great increase in productivity in certain processes and an improvement in the customer experience, but they are only available in the most advanced SMS providers.

SMS with the short league: Some providers allow you to generate a short personalized link in each message that can send you to a microsite, generate a call-back call, or send you a video, also keeping track of how many SMS recipients clicked on the link, from what type of phone, with what operating system and since IP, for the subsequent segmentation of the campaign.

SMS workflow: Finally, there are SMS platforms that allow the generation of SMS workflows (sequences, or workflows), either natively on the platform or through integration with third parties. These flows are useful in those processes where the SMS interacts with other media and you want to create a contact strategy or customer journey.