What are the cinnabar beads?

The cinnabar beads are a mineral whose main form of presentation is rhombohedral crystals with holes or in the form of granular mass. It is the main ore of mercury and has very diverse uses, having been used for a long time for the development of orthodontics and dental appliances.

Uses of cinnabar beads

Cinnabar beads is the main source or main ore of mercury, which in turn is a metal that is used to make electrical appliances, also instruments of industrial control, to prepare chlorine electrolyte, for caustic soda and also for mode of waterproofing for mildew. In many cases, years ago it was used to make orthodontics, and also for scientific instruments, even as an amalgamator for gold. But the jewels and gems on the practical side are not always observed, since they are always focused on their value, their price, the choice of the color of the gem . A jewel very often is simply a pleasure. For some of us certain jewels have a special value because they have been given to us on particular occasions and represent a very personal meaning. For collectors they become objects of worship.

Never leave jewelery exposed to chemical products, avoiding endorsing them if tasks that foresee the use of these products are carried out. Avoid wearing jewelry during physical activities that require effort: gymnastics, training, sports activities, etc. Dedicate time to polish and care for the jewel itself paying attention to the different micro-components of the jewel. Choose the right place to clean your jewelry: if they are made up of small elements, avoid doing it in a place where the parts can fall and get lost or run off. To remove any residues always use a very soft brush and never pointed objects. Any resistant residues or obvious imperfections must be treated with suitable instruments and products. In this case consult a trusted expert jeweler.

The semiprecious stones have a very different value among them and it is much easier to get semiprecious stones of great size and purity (clean) than precious stones of such characteristics. The oscillation of its value or cost will depend on the same conditions that influence the precious stones: hardness, rarity and beauty and perfection (purity, color, brightness and transparency). There are approximately 130 mineral species cataloged as semiprecious, in addition to amber, which is a fossilized vegetable resin. Let’s see below the most important and those used in jewelry.

Cinnabar beads beauty and perfection

When we talk about the beauty and perfection of a stone, whether precious or semiprecious, we refer to its color, brightness, transparency and purity. A pure gemstone, without imperfections and with a radiant color, can have a value even higher than that of cinnabar beads with similar characteristics.

But unlike a car or appliance, or even a pet, when purchased or received a gift a jewel, few are those who care about how one should behave in merit. With this I want to tell you that it is not usual to find out about the maintenance, the treatment or the measures to be adopted so that our beloved jewel remains without losing its splendor or deteriorating. On our website you can find a section dedicated to the care of jewellery. As our readers are numerous and show great interest in this topic we will repeat here a series of useful tips for the correct care of your jewelry:

  • First of all you should be very attentive to the use of lotions, cosmetics, lacquer and perfumes: as much as possible use these items before putting your jewelry, letting go a few minutes before doing so.
  • After using a jewel as much as possible, wipe it with a soft and clean cloth to remove traces of sweat, oils or any residues.
  • It has also been widely used for years as a bone preserver. It is from this belief that, in the Middle Ages, the idea arises of using it as an elixir for longevity from the alchemists. In addition, it has also been used as a colorant for a solid mixed with beeswax that was brittle and was used to seal documents or letters of royalty, called sealing wax.

How to recognize cinnabar beads

If you want to recognize a cinnabar, you should bear in mind that it usually crystallizes in rhombohedral forms with penetration twins and is presented in granular masses. Normally, when it is very hard, it is called cinnabar de labra because a long time ago figures were carved with this variety in Almaden (Ciudad Real), and on many occasions it appears impregnated with calcite. It can be easily recognized because it has a red vermilion color, with a scarlet stripe. Normally it has a high weight and forms perfect prisms, with a characteristic silver shine.

Where are the cinnabar beads?

Here is the largest deposit in world production of cinnabar, and it has collected copies of high quality in terms of colorations and crystallizations.

Interesting facts about cinnabar beads

As interesting facts about cinnabar, it is worth mentioning its interesting legend. It is a mineral that many years ago; when it was considered that deceased people returned after death and many people felt dread to leave their homes at night to avoid encountering “zombies” was used to avoid it, for which people placed very heavy stones on the bodies.

Besides this, the bodies were always covered with a reddish powder, which was nothing else from cinnabar. It was considered that the larger the cinnabar stones and dust, the greater would be their magical power to keep the dead from rising. There were also many cases in which people who had lost their loved ones took away the stone to see them again, but the legends told that in doing so a soulless being arose, and from that point many stories emerged.

Do you want to clean the Crystals like a Professional?

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Standard with bar

Both the vertical and the horizontal systems will be used, taking into account that we will have to put more pressure on the glass since when the accessories are inserted in the bar, the pressure on the same is reduced. So that the horizontal system is not slow, since in each pass we will have to lower the bar to dry the rubber lip, we can make movements in the form of an inverted “L”, to take advantage of the downward movement.

Once the cleaning of the glass is finished, we will have to revise it visually and locate (in the case that there are) imperfections in its finish, these imperfections will be corrected by the review with a dry cloth or chamois. The bathroom cleaning is essential in our home because it is one of the areas, along with the kitchen, where more germs and bacteria can accumulate. Being a wet area should be ventilated as much as possible, thus avoid the generation of these germs.


One of the elements that abound most in the bathrooms are the white enamel toilets. This material is very practical to clean and, being a very porous surface, we can maintain it easily, without great efforts. However, over the years, that enamel may start to yellow and it is hard to return the original white. To clean it you can use a mixture of salt and turpentine, applying it with a sponge or cloth gently. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse with hot water and soap, then with cold water.

When the toilet is yellowing in its deep part, you can pour the contents of a can of cola (or two if the dirt is very marked) and leave for several hours, and even overnight. Then rinse with water, using the brush to descale the dirt. To remove the remains of lime adhering to the toilet bowl, do the same operation but instead of using a cola drink, use white vinegar. The results are amazing and it is an easy, fast and cheap way of cleaning.

Lime can also affect the faucets and the shower head. For cleaning, you can use a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Dip the artichoke in this mixture, let it act for a while and then rinse with plenty of water. You can do the same with the taps by unscrewing the end filter and applying the same treatment. The hot water is usually enough to remove soap residue from any surface. In the case of the bath or shower, avoid using abrasive products and bleach, as you will spoil the enamel. Use mild cleansers on a regular basis and you will not have to use other types of stronger products.


You should always clean the frame of the mirrors first, to avoid splashes from staining the glass when you clean it. To clean the glass a mixture of water and vinegar can be effective, but you can also spray a mixture of one litre of water, a cup of alcohol and another of ammonia. Try rubbing the mirror with a rag that does not release lint, although the best thing in this regard is newspaper or kitchen paper.

Tiles and tiles

The hot water and the vinegar are again good allies for cleaning the tiles and tiles in the bathroom. Rub with that mixture and then rinse with water and let it dry. Another option is to use ammonia, which also gives good results, or rub with a piece of lemon directly on the surface, leave to act and then rinse with water and dry. Tub and sink joints can become mouldy due to excess moisture in the bathroom. If we clean frequently applying with a brush a mixture of hot water with bleach in equal parts, we will keep the mould at bay. The mixture of water and vinegar can also be effective.

Safety: Always follow the instructions for use indicated by the manufacturer of cleaning products. Take precautions to avoid accidents such as the use of gloves. Avoid splashes on the skin. If you do not want to do it, in Maintenance Giner and Mira we can help you. We are leaders in maintenance and cleaning. Contact us or click here and we will find the most suitable solution for you. Have you found these tips interesting? We await your comments and if you want you can share it on your social networks so your friends can also enjoy these tips.

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Frosted Crystals by Connect Cleaners:

For those crystals whose surface is not smooth to the touch but they present a rough touch, we will not use the rubber lip since not adhering completely to the glass would leave it fogged. This type of glass is convenient to clean by hand and with non-soapy products, we can use a wet microfiber cloth to finish with a dry one. As these crystals are not translucent, they are easier to clean since imperfections are not seen in the same way as in translucent ones.

Connect Cleaners have tried theoretically to explain the cleaning system of the Professional Glaziers, and we have also tried to substitute some of the professional tools for utensils that we normally have at home. Tell them that practice makes the teacher; even the first few times you are not perfect but based on practice you can match the result to a professional. So if you are looking for an amazing service the best deal is to look for Connect Cleaners.

All about the steel kerbing for food environments

The kerbing reduces the ingress of liquids and provides protection to existing walls and columns from the floor. Steel kerbing for food environments have been providing sterile floors to the sustenance and drink and pharmaceutical businesses since 1979. We comprehend these businesses back to front and we know about their operational and authoritative demands, which imply we can give their significant brands, add up to deck answers for suit. Over the most recent 40 years we have developed our piece of the overall industry through nature of workmanship, tender loving care and superb client benefit. We are the main clean ground surface contractual workers for the sustenance and drink industry.

Stainless Steel Kerbs – steel kerbing for food environments:

The top notch stainless steel kerbing for food environments supply and introduce are outlined and delivered particularly for the nourishment and drink industry. They are accessible up to 20 meters long and have a standard cross segment. Corners to dividers and columns are pre-framed in the industrial facility. Current processing plants demand the most astounding norms of cleanliness. Conventional tiled and gum floors are weakest at the time when they meet the divider. A stainless steel kerbing framework can offer effect protection together with the cleanliness norms required in these requesting conditions.

Steel kerbing for food environments frameworks offer a one of a kind stainless steel kerbing arrangement:

  • More grounded
  • More clean
  • Attractive
  • Enduring

Kerbs can be settled against existing dividers, or where the office is an extensive open space which is isolated into assembling territories, the kerbs go about as division. The kerbs are settled to the current floor or arranged substrate with steel jolts and dowel sticks and are then loaded with concrete. They can likewise be utilized to frame bunds inside which the ground surface is laid. Diverse deck frameworks and thicknesses can be laid either side of the kerb. All frameworks depend on one demonstrated profile. A special procedure offers longer lengths and straighter areas. Unattractive welds can be maintained a strategic distance from in straight and exact runs.

In nourishment industry, quality and clean guidelines are critical. Substantial movement, risky work conditions, wet floors, can make clean dividers and entryway sections is rapidly and vigorously harmed. Our kerbs are the perfect assurance for divider boards against trolleys, hand beds and forklifts. The Protection against water invasion, evading of the divider/floor intersection and the shirking of empty space gives water and microorganisms no progressions.

Kerbs utilized as a part of sustenance preparing conditions where cleanliness is a need ought to be built with materials that are compound , effect and water-safe. Polymer composite kerbs and plinths give an answer for the cleanliness challenges postured by kerbs made out of cement. Pre-assembled polymer composite kerb frameworks are made by blending polyester tars and quartz pulverizes with the surface and after that completed with a bacteriostatic and stun safe polyester gel coat surface. In the generation of these kerbs, a solid framework is made by embellishment together the polyester quartz mass with the polyester gel coat covering. The two materials have a similar substance structure (polyester), which makes a solid kerb that is anything but difficult to clean, water-and synthetic safe and repairable.

Master establishment of steel kerbing for food environments:

Introducing a modern floor effectively limits downtime, supplements wellbeing and security and builds efficiency. Here are six basics to consider which will guarantee you do it once and do it right.

  1. Continuously guarantee all parts of the activity are handled in the meantime – on numerous events the establishment is greater than the floor itself. You’ll have to consider the floor substrate — it may not be reasonable for the last wrap up, the life of the floor; seepage

— fluids/spills should be expelled from the generation territory for wellbeing reasons; bollards, boundaries or kerbs — securing hardware and individuals is an indispensable thought; and defensive divider covers — another vital component in a clean domain. You have to pick an organization that will enable you to look past the floor to complete and give free exhaustive guidance for the entire undertaking.

  1. Lost creation implies lost cash that much is self-evident. For any creation chief watching out on a line of machines planned particularly to expand productivity laying inert in light of building work is a disappointing sight, so limiting downtime ought to be incorporated with any undertaking. Demand that work on the venture is organized at ends of the week, bank occasions and amid planned shutdowns. This will make the slightest disturbance generation plans.
  2. Utilizing flooring specialists who have broad information of your industry division will pay profits. They will know the ground surface arrangements which best meet the specific needs of your business and will have the capacity to supply and introduce demonstrated items from the most put stock in organizations, guaranteeing an effective result for your task.

Steel kerbing for food environments is produced in 3 stages – Preparation, Laying, and Finishing. Our highly trained team is able to complete each stage quickly and efficiently, giving you the best quality kerbing on the market today.

Concrete kerbing

Preparation: Perparation is critical to how the finished kerbing will apear. For areas that are already grassed, the design is marked out on the grass using marking paint. The unwanted grass is then removed using the edge-prep machine. This machine enables us to remove grass to a consistent depth. The trench is then finish graded and checked for proper compaction of the native soil.

Concrete edging

Extrusion: Extrusion is where the kerbing begins to take shape. We mix our own concrete on-site with custom-blended sand designed by owner Tom Berry to give the best consistency and strength to the kerbing. The concrete is loaded into the extrusion machine to begin the extrusion process. Once the kerbing has been extruded, kerbing is smoothed with one of our proprietary trowls to prepare it for finishing and to ensure that the shape and slope are correct.

The sealer used protects the kerb from UV radiation and fading, as well as providing it with some protection from water. In food processes and industries, it is increasingly recommended to use detectable materials. Therefore, we are the best manufacturer worldwide to develop products whose combination of plastic and stainless steel, allows easy magnetic detection. In addition, thanks to these products it is possible to meet the requirements of a standard as common in this sector.